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Posted by luvronweasley on 2006.01.27 at 18:42
Current Mood: mellowmellow and groovy...
Current Music: Jamiroquai!!!!!! ^_______________^
hehe... I got my Gryffindor scarf FINALLY, plus i got hold of a bunch of Jamiroquai albums so now i'm grooving and jamming out with my scarf on. Dancing around the room... Gonna watch some chick flicks with my mum in a bit. And i ACTUALLY don't have nay homework this weekend. ^_______^ Happy thoughts... Newayz... got our third Encrew rehearsal on monday. This past tueswday was numero uno and today we had the second. It was fun and i got lots of pics for the crew scrapbook i'm working on. plus i talked to Karen about the t-shirt thing and we may not get to get t-shirts but we'll probably be able to get jackets, which is totally awewsome! ^___^ wow... so i'm gonna go back ot listening to Jamiroquai and being crazy.


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